Day 3

As expected  could not get the time to sit and write yesterday, but I know I can make it up everyday from now on...
Its just a fight of two things...a lazy me and a goody goody me...all the time a lazy me wins over the other one and I fail to do many essential routine activities..Its just that fight of those two “mes’” which has been making me as I am today and will be making me in the future.

There has been no thought over it at all before in my mind..but now knowing the value of routine I think I should not let my “goody goody me” lose over the lazy me..I am determined this time..:)

Routine is the key word for life. Its not bad to seek change but routine makes a life out of nothing and brings the best in you everyday.

Why not blogging be made as a routine is the question which is lingering in my mind for a long time now. Routine and Priorities I think are very much related to each set one on the thought of set your routine on the basis of your priorities...but what if the priorities change? the routine is bound to change and where there is a word called change...routine cannot be called as one and needs to be called something else...:p

Confusing isnt it?

Clear thought, Proper Prioratization and Perfect planning looks to be the way for non changing routine...

I am geared and for the days to come....

Hope to keep up the promise made to myself....

See you tomorrow.

"Andheri Raat me deep jalaye kaun baitha hai
Uthi aisi ghata nabh me
Chhipe sab chaand aur taare
Utha wah toofan nabh me
Gaye bujh deep bhi sare

Magar Is raat me bhi lau jalaye kaun baitha hai..
Andheri raat me deep jalaye kaun baitha hai..:)
Dr.Harivanshrai Bachchan


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