Day 2

त्रुटी कुछ है मेरे अन्दर भी
त्रुटी कुछ है मेरे बाहर भी
दोनों को त्रुटी हीन बनाने की मैंने मन में ठानी है
मैंने शांति नहीं मानी है
- Dr. Harivanshrai Bachchan
Well, it needs a lot of determination to write regularly, today is the second day...lets hope it continues..
Came across some of the splendid poems of Dr. Harivanshrai bachchan...and believe me every word has created a big impact on me. It might be that my mind set exactly fitted into the words rendered but whatever it may be...every word he has written is worth while. As someone has correctly said...poems are like old friends and the proverb " A friend in need is a friend indeed" holds true for them...
So, the day started with not so positive note, which was a little unexpected. A friendly (pun intended) banter with a so called boss and then the game called "emailbaazi" started which ended when the hot cup of afternoon green tea came calling and I was a lil relieved. The only animal which would be happy seeing human being working in the corporate world must be "The Donkey".
A little introspection is inevitable after such incidences where I sit and think what I talked with the other person and was that worth talking. Though its not all the time that I can see my mistake, but I do feel sad about saying everything and anything to the other person. Then the ego comes up and says that whatever I did was the call of the hour and I was intuited by my subconcious mind to act here I conviniently skip an unbiased introspection.
Call it a human tendancy or whatsoever it is...the"त्रुटी" in me and the other person remains unresolved.
Someone today advised me to "Convince or to get convinced" but most of the times neither you can convince someone nor you can get convinced by the other person and the puzzle continues to haunt me..
I just wish I find the "त्रुटी" in me without waiting for such incidences because...
दुनिया से मानी , अपने से मैंने हार नहीं मानी है
मैंने शांति नहीं मानी है

Here are some quick bytes of today:
- Read a review of a book called :The Professional: by Mr. Subrato bagchi by Elizabeth Harrin
(PM4 girlz) here is an excerpt:

"Bagchi goes on to discuss a number of other attributes shared by professionals. Professionals are:
  • self-aware – don’t pretend to be an expert when you are not.
  • not afraid to admit when they are wrong.
  • willing to refuse to do tasks that do not fit with their personal or professional values.
  • looking for the long term view.
  • Authentic – insincerity is always found out, especially in today’s hyperconnected world.
  • culturally aware and connected.
The last point, while probably true, felt a bit forced in the book, as if Bagchi was trying to make the concept relevant to the social media generation."
Hope to read the book soon, will come up with a review for sure.

-There is an iphone app which consolidates all Google reader, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail. Name of that app is feeds, news feeds are now far more reachable than never.

Lets meet tomorrow again...



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